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AC1 and AC2 Chiropractic Systems are ideal for an existing practice or start-up practitioner; these reliable and versatile systems are an outstanding value. 

The AC1 system accommodates up to a 14" x 17" (35 x 43 cm) cassette in either direction, allowing a broad range of procedures.


The AC2 system will accept up to a 14" x 36" cassette for full spine imaging. Both systems feature a traditional floor-wall or ceiling tubestand, and provide film focal distances of 40" to 72". The tubestand is constructed of heavy-duty steel, insuring many years of reliable service. Stainless steel ball bearings allow effortless positioning of the x-ray tube and precise alignment to the wallstand over the entire range of travel. The tubestand angulation dial is an easy-to-read, accurate indicator of tube angle. Sturdy locks provide secure placement of the x-ray tube. Optional electric locks allow quick tube positioning. 

Both wallstands utilize a precision bearing system that provides effortless vertical travel of the grid and cassette tray. The full travel wallstands allow a wide range of exams including standing knee and ankle procedures. The wallstands feature a positive manual lock or optional electric lock.

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This control panel is ergonomically engineered both for comfort and ease of operation. Features like SCR contactor, tube protection systems and a solid state digital timer contribute to your imaging quality and satisfaction. Throughout, a focused effort was made to provide safety for both patient and operator.

  • The power of a hospital grade unit in a compact form ideal for a clinic or private practice. 
    SCR Contactor with Back-Up Electromagnetic Safety Contactor opens and closes the tube power circuit at zero voltage, preventing tube damaging voltage spikes. 

  • Maximum Output is 300 mA at 125 kVp.

  • Tube overload protection circuits alert the user if any technique setting (kV, mA and time) exceeds the tube rating, and prevents an exposure. 

  • Digital mAs reduces user reading error and improves setting accuracy and repeatability.

  • 8 Step Line Compensator

  • 5 mA Stations (50s, 100s, 150L, 200L, 300L), mA output is precisely controlled through automatic space charge compensation over the entire mA and kVp range.

  • Digital Timer with 23 Stations (1/120 to 6 seconds) 14 time stations below 1/2 second easily accommodate the use of rare earth intensifying screens.

  • kVp Range, 40 to 125 kVp, Adjustable in 2 kV Increments

  • Two Bucky Selector Switch

  • Vinyl Wear-Resistant Control Panel face cleans easily

  • Five-Year Limited Warranty

  • Compatible with many A.E.C. Systems

  • Complies with Federal Standards at time of shipment

  • UL Classified

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This High Frequency Radiographic Generator


This High Frequency Radiographic Generator incorporates the latest technology available today. From automatic line compensation that adjusts for variance in incoming line voltage, to tube protection, which prohibits exposures with excessive kVp and mAs. Safe, reliable and consistent performance of the SPECTRA 30HF generator is what you can expect. 

The operator console is remarkably easy to use. The operator simply enters the kVp and mAs technique factors. The SPECTRA 30HF generator automatically selects the highest mA and shortest exposure time possible. The dual mAs/ma digital display provides the operator with the opportunity to view the mA the SPECTRA 30HF selected. Giving the operator total control, the mA can be modified when longer exposure times are desired. 

The optional state-of-the-art Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) provides consistent film density, even when pathology is present. With up to three fields in the AEC chamber, the operator simply selects the field(s) under the anatomy of interest and enters the kVp. The SPECTRA 30HF will terminate the exposure at the exact mAs necessary to obtain a high quality film. After the exposure, the mAs value will be displayed for reference and documentation.


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Anatomically Programmed High Frequency Radiographic 


Anatomically Programmed High Frequency Radiographic Generator provides maximum flexibility and full control of the powerful 30 kW generator - choose between AP, Manual, or AEC Modes.


  • 20kHz High Frequency Technology

  • 30 kW rating

  • kVp rang: 40-124 in 1 kV Steps

  • mAs range: 0.5 - 400 mAs

  • mA range: 50 - 300, 6 stations



  • 230 - 250 VAC, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz, 100 Amp rated line minimum (Optional step-up transformer is required for line voltages less than 230 VAC to achieve full rated output)

  • Maximum Momentary Line Current: 200 Amps at 240V not continuous 



  • Modes of operation: AP (anatomical programming) and Manual

  • Soft-touch control panel with LCD display

  • Microprocessor controlled

  • Automatic line compensation

  • Programmable tube protect system

  • Built-in self diagnostics with error display

  • Audible and visible x-ray exposure indicator

  • Receptor indicator (wall bucky, table bucky, non-bucky)

  • 50' Interconnect cable (control to power module)

  • Dimensions:

    Operator Console7" x 12" x 2" (18 x 30 x 5 cm) 

    Power Module 20" x 18" x 37" (51 x 46 x 94 cm) 

  • Weight:

    Operator Console5 lbs (2 kg) 

    Power Module 190 lbs (86 kg) 


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